Fun Games to Play at a Wedding Reception

A wedding need not be about feast and dance anymore. People now want their wedding to be memorable and so they ask the wedding planners to organise fun games for the guests.

If the wedding is taking place in an outdoor venue with lots of space, then the wedding planner can arrange various fun and interactive games for your wedding reception. Here are some ideas.


This is the classical game of stacking the wooden blocks. You can bring life-size wooden blocks and ask the guests to build and destroy them. The game is super fun and there will be laughter throughout the venue, especially when the blocks fall.

Giant checkers

You can bring large checker mats so that the guests can play checkers. It is a fun game and the super large size will make it more exciting. It will keep the guests on their toes.

High Striker

This is a classic carnival game and gives you the chance to check the strength of your guests. They will use a hammer-like tool to strike and see how far they can make the scale move up.

Online casino games

You will have free Wi-Fi in your venue allowing guests to play online casino games on sites like mFortune. There are many multiplayer games that they can play together and win money. If there are any sports tournaments going on, then the guests can bet on sports and see who wins.

Wheel of fun

Different activities will be written on a wheel for the bride and groom and the guests. A guest turns the wheel and when it comes to a mark he or she has to perform the action written on the wheel.

Your wedding planner can plan for these games, and they can come up with more brilliant ideas. The guests will have a wonderful time.

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