Our Beautiful Castle Jewell Aelita Becker was married August 5th 2017 to her dapper Fiance; Silvanus

I wanted to share a few images of our Castle Jewell rocking her fabulous Accessories we designed for her and also share a little bit about her very special Wedding day.

Sometimes you meet a person and just click with them...  Aelita is the sort of special someone that you just cant help but love. 

Thank you for choosing Bespoke Vintage Castle we are honoured blessed to have a client like you

Love Betty  xo

Aelita tell us: Where did you both meet?

We met at work, when I was a sales woman at his Birthday 04.10.2007.

After 4 years we meet again at the 02.10.2011... it was fate from this time we decided to be together

 ..Told you he was dapper..

..Told you he was dapper..

Aeilta says:

I was searching very long for the appropriate shoes and did not really find the approach to my wishes. Until I came across to the wonderful Betty. She took a lot of time to fulfill my wishes. We also used skype so I could discuss  my dream shoes.

Now they are here and I am more than happy. My shoes are more beautiful and much more comfortable than I imagined. Betty understands her craft and is such a lovely and patient person. I am overjoyed that you have made my shoes. I can only recommend every woman to order here, if you want something special. I can hardly wait to wear my shoes. Betty you are just amazing 😙

Our Bride is looking lovely; stepping out in her custom designed shoes by Award winning Bespoke Vintage Castle

Aelita Says:

 As we are in Germany Our church was in Ludwigsburg and the phenominal Party in Tamm. It was such an amazing time; I think the best part of the entire Day was was the incredible and well planned PowerPoint presentation with pictures from our Families and us.

It was a total surprise!

it was so perfect and an emotional reminder that from here on; we would be making our own family memories and stories as Mr & Mrs Karanfil

Aelita says:

I wish you continued success with your business, you really deserve it. I will tell every bride in my surroundings of the
wonderful Betty.



We absolutely loved working with Aelita, she has such a gentle spirit and is so patient and kind, she made the perfect Bride during what can be a very stressful time.

from the bottom of my heart good luck to you both and wishing you an eternity of happiness together as mr and Mrs Karanfil.


To all our gorgeous Castle Jewell's; Don't forget to send us photos of your special day for us to share!


Photo Credit: Unikat