Who will be walking beside me down the Aisle?

Most little girls dream of their wedding day a second after watching a Disney fairy-tale...



As we grow older we begin to understand the sanctity and tradition that comes hand in hand with a wedding. We become aware that other people also matter on our special day.

Yes other people! Like the groom, the in-laws and our parents. They are the people that make that day special. But happens when one those special people cannot be present on the most precious of days?

The wedding Specalists

The wedding Specalists

Well apart from the awkward questions, conversations and statements such as:

 "your dad must be so proud of his little girl"


"is your father fond of your new groomie ?"

There comes a moment where there is an abrupt awakening and your heart is flooded with questions like:

what would his reaction be to me in my dress?

who is going to walk beside me down the Aisle into my new life ?

How can I fill the void where the daddy daughter dance is meant draw time to a halt?

Although there isn't anything that can be said or done to bring them back, even for that moment and you feel a deeps sense of loss as a burden upon your heart there are a few things you can do to that may make your spirit a little lighter on your special day.



  • The first is accept that he is not here, it is not okay and that is okay.


  • The second is to remember a father's heart is for his daughter's happiness. If he was here he'd want the special day to be all about his special girl. So let it be.


  • The third is to know that by marrying a man that will love, respect and cherish is you is enough to honour the man who loved you first.


  • The fourth is to realise that even if you have to walk down the alone it's okay, because you have walked this far and don't have to walk the rest of your life alone.




  • The last is to bask in the Ambience of being a bride, embrace the people who are celebrating with you and cling onto your new future. Dad would be proud of the woman you are and how far you've come.

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Author:  Zipporah Kuria




Written by Written by New B.V.C Editor Zipporah Kuria

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