So youre getting married? Congratulations! So for the next 12 months: pinterest, Wedding Blogs & Brides Magazine will officially be your bffs!

So When you and your Bridesmaids have a "night off" from all the planning to watch a movie ..yes.. it will probably still be "wedding stuff"

So if you are looking for inspiration to enjoy popcorn along to; it definately has to be one of these!

Here are our tried and tested best wedding films.

Its six because each are so funny, entertaining and have brilliant elements of truth in them so we could not afford to miss any!

So lets get started... 

6. Mamma Mia  

Although we love this movie the wedding is just a small part of the plot.

This is about having fun; singing along to all these abba songs with your girlfriends around you  and a mouthful of popcorn; now that is our idea of an amazing night!



5. Revenge of the Bridesmaids  

Set in the south this comedy is about two bridesmaids trying to ruin their "frienemys" wedding day  ..but.. - plot twist - they actually have a good reason. We shall say no more




4. Father of the Bride  

For all lovers of Vintage movies you will not be disappointed

in fact...(whispers) dont tell anyone but we actually prefer it to the 90s remake!

Its a wedding from the fathers perspective its funny, exciting and features the gorgrous Elizabeth Taylor

if you love black & white movies you will love this.



3. Sex & the City

We've all seen the hit t.v series; but even if you havent..

(because youve been living on the moon)

you cant still watch the movie and not feel as though you've missed anything. Full of fashion, glamour and friendship its the perfect movie for a girly night in



2.  Bride Wars

This movie is all about two sucessful besties that begin planning their weddings together.

Its all sweet and fluffy at first until there's double bookings..

This film is hilarious, smart and full of pretty wedding inspiration you can steal 


1. Bridesmaids

Number 1! 

Everybody loves this movie! Honestly It's hilarious, witty and depics catty-girl- rivalry to perfection.

Ofcourse there is a happy wedding-ending and tons of fun along the way


Thank you for having a peek,

Let me know in the comments below, if youve seen them; also which is your favourite? Are there are any not on the list that you love?


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