Fine art is about an idea, a message, or an emotion.

What do the Bride and Groom want to have conveyed on their wedding day?

Fine art weddings should be sublime and romantic, crisp and incandescent with a warm and fresh pastel colour palette, it is for the most discerning couples that love to artistically combine components of nature, beautifully honest, unfiltered emotion to create a tenacious collection of magazine worthy images and a day filled with beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

I have curated a list of the top 6 things that you need for your fine art wedding day.

For more fine art ideas or q&a pop your comments below the post and i will respond and add any NECESSARY links you require. I would love to get a discussion going!

 Hand dyed Silks by  Pom Pom Blossom  

Hand dyed Silks by Pom Pom Blossom 


Photography : We Recommend fine art photographer Jane Beadnell

Photography has to be a top priority when it comes to your fine art wedding.

Your images are all you will have when you look back after 10 years of marital bliss and you want to re-kindle the feelings of romance and charm every time you look at them SHEDDING tears of joy at the most sentimental of images.

Your photography must tell a beautiful story in fine art reportage style. capturing every tear, moment of joy and all your beautiful memories form the most special of days.

Its not about having a disk of 4000 images that you will never use;

or having bad photos all crammed in your album including the ones of mum:

 captured mid-blink; but rather ensuring that each image is spectacular and keeps you staring at it always.

That's why we recommend Jane Beadnell Photography. Most of the images featured on this post are from Jane (Yes we are a tad obsessed) she is a wonderful photographer and great friend, her work is flawless and she is acclaimed nationally for her talent. 

 Veil by Bespoke Vintage Castle

Veil by Bespoke Vintage Castle

 Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

 Hand  dyed silk ribbon (on the bouquet)  by Pom Pom Blossom 

Hand  dyed silk ribbon (on the bouquet)  by Pom Pom Blossom 


Dress: we recommend Claire petTibone

We are besotted with these dreamy feminine gowns, Each piece is crafted with ingenuity and grace. For your fine art wedding choose a gown that compliments your figure but also your theme. Fine lace, floral, wistful flowing light fabrics are a dream to wear and are idyllic visually. Appear as though you are gliding down the aisle and feel airy and pretty.

Try adding with a cut out backless design, get a little sassy with sheer lace sleeves ; Play with colour if you like add a dab of pastel, you could even decide to sparkle and shine with a dab or rhinestone or go all: "Kate Middleton" with buttons down your back. Whatever you decide keep it soft and romantic.

 Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone

 Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone

 Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone

Accessories: we recommend bespoke vintage castle

Hooray its us! Yes of course we have to highlight our newest pieces for 2017: the Utopia collection. Not only is it the most ludicrously, delicious collection we have made to date but the designs fall perfectly into the fine art category; which is the way we crafted our Atelier to begin with.

Choosing barely there golds, hints of Pantone trending "Greenery" and soft blush our artisan pieces are too bijou for your big day and of course suiting most budgets.

They feature porcelain flowers, gold plated hair vines,french lace Millinery and Blue pastel dip dyed silk veils!

 in the design i chose to work with elements that reflected nature, romance and new life and the collection is dainty, decorous and tender.

 Bespoke Vintage Castle Accessories

Bespoke Vintage Castle Accessories

 Bespoke Vintage Castle dyed silk Veil

Bespoke Vintage Castle dyed silk Veil

 Bespoke Vintage Castle Accessories/ Ribbon by pom pom Blossom, Bouquet by  Sanctuary Flowers

Bespoke Vintage Castle Accessories/ Ribbon by pom pom Blossom, Bouquet by Sanctuary Flowers

Venue: We recommend Jervaulx Abbey

The Fine art venue should exhume romance and fantasy, it can be a beautifully DILAPIDATED Manor House, a grand french chateau or an enchanted castle. whatever you choose it should be historic and tranquil

having lavish settings, opulent style, lots of light, air and nature (and if possible the trickle of water from a gentle brook) to really make the most of the elements and create a mood of calm

Privately owned by the burdon family In the heart of Yorkshire nestles the charming  JERVAulX Abbey.

the grounds are breathtaking filled with wildflowers and you can host your intimate gathering amongst the 16th century ruins it is the perfect idyll for your nuptuals

Don't: go for your local multi-purpose community centre (because the caretaker will let you use it for free) and hope that faded fabric drapes and a few balloons will distract from the wall mounted basket ball hoops. Pick a "no-echo" venue that you will be utterly proud of. 


Cake: We recommend where the ribbon ends

Your fine art wedding cake has got to be a showstopper, easy on the eye and delicious to taste. Choose fillings of your choice but with a focus on nature in its raw and organic form.

You could try thinking of unique combinations that are also delicious, do not follow the masses try for example :

Coconut butter cream and Lime 

Strawberries and champagne 

Orange Ganache 

Thinking of: apple, peaches, chocolate, lemon, coffee they are all trendy for 2017 weddings and create that wow factor in the taste.

Visually the more tiers the better be bold and dramatic. Use Gold leaf, Host fragrant fresh flowers as well as sugar paste ones,

do try and incorporate your initials in calligraphy on the back at a secret part for you and your betrothed to share. keep the colours light traditional, if you must; barely there pastels and let the flowers do the talking.

Try a dessert table if the budget permits and host several treats on display like a fountain of glory to show-off to your guests. Include beautiful cake pops, biscuits, jellies, bon-bons all in crystal cut bowls/stands and smaller versions of your main cake to really get your guests talking 

DON'T: Go for little sugar paste, sausage legged, spaghetti haired versions of you and your groom to place on top of your cake or cover the table in messy green wired Christmas lights that are wrapped crudely in faded organza.

 Less is more keep it all about cake, florals and a splash of glamour.


 Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

 Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends

 Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends/ Georgina Harrison photography/styling Pamella Dunn

Cake by Where the Ribbon Ends/ Georgina Harrison photography/styling Pamella Dunn


Extra special finish: We recommend pom pom blossom

There are so many finishing touches you can add to make your fine art wedding have the wow factor, there are options to have couture lace handkerchiefs monogrammed or by extra special touch or luxurious handmade soap by savon claire. these are wonderful favours and great personal gifts (and its also important to buy British)

But i want to shine the light on our friends over at pom pom blossom. I am personally floored by the talent. I know that to dye anything is hard enough but to dye silk hand cut ribbon to match a wedding day colour scheme is a challenge and a half.

For a fine art wedding you must order silk in your chosen colours there are so many things you can do with the delicate natural fabric.

You could decide to wrap the stem of your bouquet with it; or to wear as a stunning sash or gently drape it across your top table. it looks amazing in pictures and is an exquisite piece of couture designed and crafted just for you.

no one will have anything like yours how unique and special is that?

Then after the Big day is over tie up your wedding cards in your bespoke silk as you treasure them in a keepsake box.

 Dyed Silk by Pom pom Blossom

Dyed Silk by Pom pom Blossom

Dainty and delicate hand dyed silk ribbon by pompom blossom..

 Dyed Silk by Pom pom Blossom

Dyed Silk by Pom pom Blossom

Of course to help you plan your big day you need a planner to encapsulate your vision we recommend Pamela Dunn   

I have touched on my top musts for a fine art wedding but to really and truly have the entire package it is imperative to have a Good Wedding planner.

Pamella Dunn will go through everything to create your look perfectly.

from cutlery to Transportation her little book of contacts and 15+ years of wedding experience is second to none.

 Styling by Pamella Dunn

Styling by Pamella Dunn

 Styling by Pamella Dunn

Styling by Pamella Dunn


Make sure you share on a blog that will appreciate your images and get them seen by all the world we recommend And so to wed

Now your wedding day is over; the cake has been devoured and your accessories kept in their keepsake boxes in the attic.

the excitement is over from the big day and you're thinking "now what?" The answer is this:

Get your gorgeous images on a bridal blog.

everyone has to see your big day. sharing your wedding in a blog or magazine is not only fantastically exciting for you, your family and friends but provides glorious inspiration to an unlimited amount of brides all over the world! imagine your special day having so much impact!

All you have to do is submit (or your photographer can with your consent) your fine art images to and so to wed blog the wonderful team will ask you a few questions such as:

Your list of vendors

what was the theme of your wedding

what was your best memory ...and so on not too many questions but enough to inspire newbie brides-to-be..

... You must really try an put it into words because you get one chance to do it and it will be read by the masses.

sharing your images on a bridal blog is such a wonderful fantastic and feeling. the day it goes live you really do find yourself telling everyone that will listen that your wedding day is on an official bridal blog It doesn't get better than that! 

  Viktoria Kuti Photography  for And so to Wed

Viktoria Kuti Photography for And so to Wed


Fine Art Images By Jane Beadnell Photography

Viktoria Kuti Photography for And so to Wed

Gowns & Images from: Claire Petibone

Cake and Images From: Where the Ribbon Ends

Silks and Ribbon: Pom pom Blossom

Wedding Planner & Venue Styling: Pamella Dunn Weddings

Venue & Images : Jervaulx Abbey

 Accessories & Blog by: Bespoke Vintage Castle

personalised HANDKERCHIEFS: Extra special touch

Handmade soap: Savon claire