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to all brides that started the planning process and feel they have lost sight of what is important or felt the whole wedding planning experience to be stressful, read on hopefully this can shed some light and clarify things for you. 

Don't forget to write in the comments box below if you agree and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from brides who feel this relates to them or wives who in hindsight have some pearls of wisdom they too would like to share!

here are: The top 3 huge mistakes that brides can make...


1. The Pursuit of Perfection

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day when the time arrives all of our attention, pinterest boards and lives revolve around it.

We know people are sick of hearing about it but we cant stop talking about it.

We are swoon over venues, and fuss over choosing the u l t i ma t e  wedding gown.

However when is the fussing at the point where its: a  b i t   m u  c h ?


have you ever seen a bride blackmail family with her guest list? or kick someone off the bridesmaids troupe because "she was not committed enough"...

I have..

don't fall into the "hype"

there is nothing worse than a bride who gets furious because she wanted something and it wasn't  E X A C T L Y

the same as what she saw on the photo-shopped magazine clipping she has.


seriously as a bride you should be concerned when your friends and family are afraid to tell you something for fear of your reaction. you know That's not who you are!

don't let the insignificance of any tiny decision cloud your judgement to be able to enjoy your wedding process/day.

Do not allow the smallest things to turn your own attitude into someone you cant recognise.

I am sure anyone who has ever been to a wedding or Been a bridesmaid etc has seen the way your friend changes during the planning. 

You've seen snapping Bridezilla days; tears and laughter its an emotional journey.  

even as I work with our lovely Brides on a daily basis its interesting to see how different each and every client is.

some brides are in anguish over where a crystal should be placed on their accessories where as others say; "ahh I will let you decide because I just cant but im sure it will be beautiful anyway.. "

Because of pinterest, magazines and other amazing sources of inspiration brides crave a wedding that is so perfect that In the pursuit of perfection  can often loose sight of whats truly important....

that is getting married !!


2.  The Cost

money money money

lets be honest you cant have a wedding without it and there is nothing more awkward than a rejected credit card.

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life however there is wisdom in leaving a penny or two aside for the next day.

please don't blow the budget on everything and laugh it off saying:

"i don't know how were gonna pay for this"

stick to what you and your groom have agreed, one of the biggest causes for divorce is money problems... its good to start being disciplined from now

not every bride can "buy it all" because we are not all billionaires

if you cant have beautiful designer shoes, the 7 course wedding Breakfasts, fireworks an ice sculpture .

then prioritise your needs/ wants / and can do withouts...

also i will say this:

a good percentage of the wedding industry is made up of small business owners who are so talented and want to share what they do to help you get the wedding day of your dreams. be cautious to not waste their time; plan what your "needs & wants" are first before approaching for quotes;  because its not fair for you to overspend on more than is affordable and cheapen their craftsmanship by haggling the cost down to get "what" you want but at their expense.



3. Reality Check

at the end of the day if the caterers burn it all the food or your wedding rings are left behind at the hotel would you really call it off and send your guests home?

if the answer is no keep reading ..

make sure you have insurance for the little things that could go wrong but enjoy the rest of the experience, enjoy the exciting planning that leads up to the big day. if there are any haters that have anything negative to say ignore it this is a celebration of your love for one another they are lucky to be there and share this enriching new chapter of your life with you. 

just remember how excited you were when you went on your first date with this gorgeous man; the hardest decision was planning what to wear!  now you're getting married:

who knew things could get so complicated?

It doesn't have to be difficult ; keep your romance and love for your betrothed on the top of your mental list throughout the process. eliminate things that don't make you happy and everything doesn't have to perfect to the point of your misery!

if things go wrong shake it off and enjoy being with the man of your dreams.


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