It is not an exaggeration when I say we are obsessed with wedding trends.

I pride myself and our Award winning company on knowing what is trendy in the wedding world and incorporating it into our own designs.

We attend London Fashion week;  and sent our items to New York Fashion week just last month to feature on the Catwalk !

My sister Jazzmine is a model who frequents the runway in Milan and London and We also have a friend who is a popular on fashion Blogger and takes all the images for Beaverbrooks Jewellers not to mention updates from wedding planners and our own lets just say we are well informed...

 I have gathered my list of my absolute fave Nuptial must haves for 2017

I know you will be inspired and hope you can incorporate one or two pretties into your wedding day!

At the end we will share our top recommended suppliers that can ensure you get the look of your Wedding dreams!


1. The Midas touch; Gold Tones

It has made an appearance this year but consider it here to stay for a while! Gold has pushed silver out of the way for weddings. We are obsessed with it and always get excited when Brides present a golden project for us. Whether its Copper/Rose or Yellow Gold Gold is the goal for 2017 Nuptials 

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest


2. The Marvel of Marble

Marble is a big trend for Next Year;  and we are glad! go crazy with inspirational Nail designs, stationary, styling in Grand Marble rooms and Marble dyed Silk Ribbon too!

We will be making a special inspired hairpiece for our A/W collections

Head on over to our pinterest to see a cornucopia of Marble wedding Ideas. Join our 15.5k Followers and be inspired by our Trending Mood Boards.

Image Via Pinterest 

Image Via Pinterest 

3. Geology Rocks!

When we first saw the Geode Cake our mouths fell open; wide enough that you could have fit the entire cake in! We are obsessed and are glad to see this fun and unique style is trending for 2017 incorporate it into your jewellery, a pretty necklace for your Bridesmaids, engagement ring for a quirky look or in your cake as something Blue!

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

4. Cocktail Hour

Moving away from the "Champagne Bar" Couples are opting for more personalised drinks for their reception. Brides and grooms offer guests the choice of celebratory drinks and the thrust of the mandatory champagne is now out of style. Cocktails/Mocktails are offered and normally a slosh of the Brides favourite drink making the event more personal.

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

5. Handmade Happy

Places like Etsy and And so to wed Blog specialise in Handmade Weddings. Handmade items (when done correctly) are the most beautiful personalised pieces you could add to you big day. Handmade weddings show love and care has gone into an item. They are truly so special as no one in the entire world will have anything like yours.

Brides are fed up of mass produced cheaply made items and are crying out for couture and timeless Bespoke.

Here at B.V.C We specialise in handmade! Offering everything from Brooch Bouquets to shoes, bags and Bridesmaids Gifts. Visit our shop page for more pretties or our Etsy page for more options and discounts.

Image Via Bespoke Vintage Castle

Image Via Bespoke Vintage Castle

6. Media Magnet

Social media has changed drastically an especially the way it is used for weddings, it is quite common to write wedding blogs and share with your readers your vendors and experiences leading up to your wedding day. Trust us you will have  a collective of Brides who eagerly want to know what is tried and tested.

Instagram weddings and Sharing on Snapchat, filming Live on Facebook are all big wedding moves for 2017 make sure you don't miss out on this.

I always encourage Brides to consider having the best professional wedding Videographers and photographers when it comes to their wedding media. Fast forward to 10 years of marital bliss and it is literally all you have to remind you of your wedding day! Your memories fade, cakes get eaten and flower girls grow up but the more you get on media the more you will have to treasure later on in life.

We always like to bring a balance. It is not fair for the Bride and Groom to be covered by a sea of camera phones like paparazzi. Do not use devices more than you enjoy and see the day and remember not to overstep the actual professional photographer .

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

7. A fine Romance

Another popular theme that is resonating with 2017 Brides is this: besotting heartfelt romance. From intimate candlelit ceremonies to grand and exquisite wedding receptions lit by crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will melt your heart. As little girls we often plan in our minds the ultimate Fairy tale wedding, where we ride off into the sunset with the man of our dreams beside us. I am glad there is a little princess inside our 2017 Brides. Make sure you choose a planner that can make all your dreams come true, it is important to choose someone who will capture the feel of the romance; we recommend planner Pamella Dunn.

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

8. Straight off the runway

One of my personal favourite materials is Velvet. I adore wrapping bouquet stems in it and love wearing it. I was excited to see this as one of the killer trends in New York Fashion week 2016.

From the runway to the Aisle; I am excited to see it crossover into weddings this coming 2017

Image Via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

9. Sitting pretty

The revolution of the sweetheart table. OK now we are not sure if this based on the back of the romance theme or.. if couples just want peace and quiet from the over excited guests.. Do Brides want to be left completely alone nowadays? Is it that they don't want the boozy uncle sat beside them or the fussing aunt telling them to watch how much they eat? They just want each other.. is it utterly romantic or a tad bit rude?

 Brides let us know your thoughts!

Image by Kris Kan Photography

Image by Kris Kan Photography

Lastly as promised we are excited to share just a handful of Wedding professionals that can ensure your visions become a reality:

For marble dyed ribbon: Pompom Blossom

For killer venues with a romantic finish: Pamella Dunn Weddings , Gathering souls  and Afmena Events

Table crockery with the Wow factor: Whitehouse Event Crockery

Custom Styled stationery: Loveli Stationery

Drinks and mobile Bars: Mambo Mobile Bars 

Handmade favours/gifts that are super gorgeous: Extra special touch  and Savon claire

Cakes that are out of this world: Where the Ribbon Ends

Photography that captures the romance: Jane Beadnell Photography 

Beautiful Blooms for the ultimate rooms: Sanctuary Flowers

The Bridal blog that has it all for your big day: And so to Wed