It was about a year ago I got an unexpected phone call in the studio; "Hello Betty its me! Hannah!"...

My school friend Hannah was getting married! she wanted all her pieces from Bespoke Vintage Castle. It was a wonderful surprise to hear from her.

Whilst we chatted I began to reminisce on our childhood. I remembered that at school Hannah was the cheeky one. She was feisty, petite but adorable with a cute mischievous smile and an obsession with Pharell Williams.

Hannah would be the girl who if you wanted to make trouble she would kindly offer an arsenal of expertise to assist. She was always full of energy, loved her Horses but would do anything for her friends. 

Naturally when Hannah wanted her wedding accessories and Brooch bouquets for her wedding we were happy to take good care of our kind friend.

During our consultations in the months that followed I saw a couple of once childhood friends were now her bridesmaids. I had a very beautifully emotional experience from it all; To think that from once upon a time we were putting on makeup in the Girls toilets, sharing sweets and magazines, eating lunch in the gym corridor (no Idea why) fast forward to this day.

  We are all adults now. with careers, life partners, some had emigrated and some with children. It was amazing to think that something as beautiful as a wedding would unite us all once more.

On sharing this wedding I share a piece of me, both in memories and deep sentiment. I feel so honoured and blessed to be asked by Hannah to be a part of her big day in this way please be inspired and enjoy. Hannah, I wish you a world of love and happiness my darling forever.

Always here for you,


B xx

13669086_10209786843250690_6184500111943162748_n (1).jpg

Credits provided by Bride Hannah:

Wedding Dress & Andy suit plus ushers and best men's from vow in Wansford.

Make up by: kiss and make up

hair by: victory Matley at The Edge in Newark.

Hairpieces,accessories, buttonholes & Brooch Bouquets by: Bouquets Bespoke Vintage Castle

Horses and carriage were by: unique carriages, Gemma Owens.

Photography by: Lindsey Hardy.

Sweet Cart by: The party cart by Emma Duncan.

Band was: the Spinoffs.

Cake by: Kate Bachelor.

Venue is: Norwood Park in Southwell