HOORAY!! I won a competition!

I entered with Imperial lather shower gel contest and actually won.

,My prize: A free shower gel from their new range. Super excited; I mentioned to them via email that I would write a blog post about it and then they sent me another one for free!

Firstly it was so exciting to speak with the Imperial leather team, that is not something that happens every day, secondly the items I won free, smell absolutely super duper gorgeous.

I thought for a while, how I could link this to weddings? Maybe perhaps a perfect Bridal shower gift? Or gifts to the Bridesmaids from the Bride?

Then I decided that we would just digress from the norm on weddings and fashion on this post and I would briefly review the items received. However it would be the perfect bridal shower additional gift, there are so many scents to choose from and every lady loves bubbles.

So as the cliche' goes: I went on Instagram entered a contest to win a free new shower Gel from Imperial Lather. with no thought to even winning and forgot about it. A week later I received a message and confirmation email that I had indeed won the free new Pear soap part of their new range. I responded by saying I would honour a blog post on it and they said: well here have another one! they sent me the Coconut and Tiare Flower

I genuinely felt incredibly lucky I have never won a single thing on social media before! (or ever before)

I was so excited. In eager anticipation I waited for my parcel to arrive. It did with a little hand written note from Imperial Lather that felt special. 

Honestly I think they smell delicious, I never tried the two so it was lovely to receive them. I buy their products often and had recently purchased their Marshmallow and also their Mango & Papaya  scented bubblies. at 75p each in ASDA you cant go wrong.

I love them and I am so grateful, I guess the moral here is never loose faith in a little competition!

Lastly to Imperial Lather: A very special Thank you so much!

Moving forward I would love to see a hot fudge sundae or a Toffee (with the sweet theme is being a centre-point in the new range)

I would also love to see some matching nourishing moisturiser creams, that share the scents of the shower gels;  so you can smell delicious in the shower and once you get out too.


Love B xx