For any engaged couple, the photography, is truly one of the few things to remind you after you have said your vows just how glorious and wonderful your wedding day was.

Memories fade over time, ask any married couple who jumped the broom 8 or 10 years prior.

They remember: the cake, their dress (of course) and how manic it was to organise Bridesmaids but the little details that seemed so super important at the time, are quite forgotten.

Here at Bespoke Vintage Castle we are all about the little details.

I always stress to our castle Jewels that photography is up there with your extremely important venue choice. That way you cant forget everything as your photographer was so darn good you have memories to last a lifetime!

So Here are my personal top 5 wedding shots that I believe are a must have for your big day.

Print them on Coasters, a couple of mugs or a huge living room canvas, but you wont dismiss these in a hurry!



1. Before the dress Goes on....

This is your perfect time to capture that boudoir shot, no distractions just calm... be a little flirtatious it for his eyes only.



2. Don't forget the rings!

Now I deeply regret not having this done at the time.   Try and capture your rings. Your engagement ring and bands, after all; they symbolise your eternal never ending love for one another so enjoy the romance in your shots.. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

3. Share the love....

This image has a two part (we had to improvise a little) take a beautiful shot with your Mother or Nanna.

I did with my Nanna and it is one of my absolute favourite treasures. Its beautifully sentimental and wonderfully emotional. I am so lucky to have her still with me, and now I have her with me forever and ever in my photography.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Sadly not everyone still has their immediate family, we recently had a bride who had lost both her parents and grandparents leading up to her big day. This was a truly devastating and emotional experience for our Castle Jewell, she did however take comfort in, metaphorically having her mum with her.

This image following is a perfect way to keep your loved ones close to heart even when they have departed. I think spiritually and emotionally its a beautiful thing. I am so glad she went ahead with the wedding, comforted knowing her loved ones were looking down upon her, and were still there with her on her special day.

Every good Photographer is sensitive to that and will honour this shot for you.

Source: Sarah-Jane Photography

Source: Sarah-Jane Photography

4. Have a little fun....

Weddings can be stressful, busy and exciting times sometimes in the run-around of the process we forget to just enjoy one another again. Do not forget the reason why you said "yes" in the first place.

On your big day, have a little fun in your shots, definitely do something crazy and daring!

5.Lastly do that luxe shot!

This the one where its just you, your dress and the most delicious surroundings. Find your fave spot, at the venue; your best flower power corner in the tepee and let the surroundings work their magic.  No people, no distractions just you and your groom.

This has to be the shot you can submit to print in a magazine!

(now that's a Mug shot worth keeping)



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Ok so it has to be done, if you and your fiancée have that rare, quirky Hobby or special talent, secret identity, you have got to photograph it!!

We had a couple that were fire breathers and they worked their magic in wedding attire. So calling all contortionist, snake charmers and Ballet Dancers this one is for you...

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

A couple from Liuzhou, Guangxi had their wedding photos taken in a unique and exciting way. Both of them are rock climbing lovers.

Its got to be done!


Thats all!

B x